Nanjing Eamech Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is the company which provides surveying & mapping,design,and commissioning of twin-screw extruder for the end-customers. Tailored for customers all kinds of twin-screw extruder Sparepart(The center distance of the barrels “Model 8 hole” please refer to the Henschel gear box output shaft center distance)such as:screw elements, barrels, shaft,heater,gearbox, screen changer, forced side feeder, die head and intelligent electrical control system; The involuted spline custom standard of screw elements & shaft is only accepted GB3478 or DIN5480. The intelligent electrical control system mainly adopts Siemens 1200 or 1500 series. IF there is any special requirements, we can be separately restricted in the contract.

The founding purpose of the Eamech: Deeply ploughing Nanjing twin-screw extruder industrial cluster and provide high-quality products and services to the end-customers. Take a global view and strive to learn from the world’s excellent twin-screw extruder.

EAMECH welcomes you communicate with our technical service team via email, telephone, or video conference.